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Multimedia is media and content that uses a combination of different content forms. Multimedia may consist of video, animation, 3d, game, images and dynamic contents that integrate with each other.

چند رسانه ای ، رسانه ای است که شامل تلفیقی از انواع مختلف محتوا به صورت های متفاوت می باشد. چند رسانه ای ها ممکن است شامل ویدئو ، انیمیشن ، تصویر ، بازی ، سه بعدی و محتویات پویا باشد که با یکدیگر در ارتباطند

Online Solutios

Online solutions consist of different kind of web applications, multimedia and digital advertising, RIA (Rich Internet Applications) and every single online content that may be presented in HTML , Flash , 3D , Game or any kind of technology.

راه حل های آنلاین شامل انواع مختلف نرم افزار های تحت وب ، چند رسانه ای ، تبلیغات دیجیتال و هر نوع دیگری از محتویات آنلاین می باشد که ممکن است به صورت نرم افزارهای Flash ، HTML ، سه بعدی ، بازی و یا هر نوع دیگری از تکنولوژی ارائه گردد.


An advertising campaign is a series of advertisement messages that share a single idea and theme which make up an integrated marketing communication (IMC). Advertising campaigns appear in different media across a specific time frame.

کمپین تبلیغاتی مجموعه ای از پیام های تبلیغاتی است که همگی یک ایده و موضوع واحد را به اشتراک می گذارند و یک ارتباط بازاریابی یک پارچه را می سازند. کمپین های تبلیغاتی در رسانه های مختلف در یک بازه زمانی واحد اجرا می شوند.

Hello I am Farzan Mohajerani. Welcome to my website!

Feel free to check out my work, my skills or contact me right away.

About Me

About Me

Few words about me

My name is Farzan Mohajerani . I was born in November 14th, 1987 in Tehran, Iran. I have studied Naval Architecture and Marine Technology (Ship Building) in Amirkabir University of Tehran.
I bought my first computer on my first day of high school. Since then I was always passionate about computer and programming, and internet some time later.
I started computer programming and using software with learning HTML, JavaScript and XML with Dreamweaver. After that I started coding some ASP Classic and SQL with access databases.
In about one or two years later I started some courses in MCSD in developing and deploying Microsoft based applications in windows and then web based applications using ASP.NET , SQL Server and web services.

What i do

Web designing and developing is my hobby, job and interests. I do all kind of web related that work that I have knowledge of. But now I'm focused on deploying rich internet applications using new and up to date technologies such as Flash and HTML 5. These are the main aspects of my work , but from time to time I develope portals and control panels for managing and maintaining huge contents on websites.
As I love Flash and multimedia content on the web, most of my projects were somehow using flash contents if they were not fully flash based. Because of the power of Flash based applications to present data in various formats and ability to colaborate with variouse technologies, it's widely used all over the world in small and big businesses. It also has greate capabilities of animation, 3D and media. This is why game design companies, movie and video companies, architectures or 3D producers and so many other businesses use flash contents to present their works and business.
You may check my projects and works in my portfolio section here.




  • Full Flash Websites.
  • HTML Websites
  • RIA And Online Applications
  • Portals And Custom Control Panels
  • Interactive Contents
  • 3D and Online Games
  • Design And Maintenance

My services includes all kind of web related solutions , such as Full Flash websites, HTML Websites, RIA and Online Applications, Portals And Custom Control Panels, Interactive Contents, 3D and Online Games, Design And Maintenance, Digital Campaigns and other solutions.
Every business needs it's own advertising solutions that meets it's needs. Every solution may containt one or more services mentioned above. With a greate and creative advertising campaign and brilliant new technologies you can achive any goal in digital world and in result of that a greate success in real world.

سرویس ی ها من شامل تمامی انواع راه حل های آنلایان شامل وب سایت های فول فلش ، وب سایت های اچ تی ام ال ، نرم افزار های آنلاین و پویا ، پورتال ها و کنترل پنل های سفارشی شده ، محتویات پویا ، باز های آنلاین و سه بعدی ، طراحی و بهبود بخشی ، کمپین های دیجیتال و غیره.
هر صنعت و تجارتی نیاز به راه حل های تبلیغاتی مختص به خود را دارد که تمامی نیاز ها و اهداف تبلیغاتی خود را در بر بگیرد. هر کدام از این راه حل ها ممکن است یک و یا چند روش از روش کفته شده در بالا را در بر بگیرد. با در بر داشتن یک کمبپین تبلیغاتی خوب و خلاق و استفاده کردن از تکنولوژی های روز ، هر صنعت و تجارتی می تواند به بهترین نحو ممکن به اهداف تبلیغاتی خود برسد.

My Work

Full Portfolio List


Packt Publishing's new offer

Author: Farzan Mohajerani Posted On: March 25, 2014 In: Resources

Packt Publishing is one of the best and straightforward publishers I ever read till today specially in IT subjects. My good and talented friend Fabio Biondi also wrote a book on EaselJS that they published. They have a new offer for those who are interested , check it out :
Buy One, Get One Free. #Packt2k 

Whether you are a Web Developer, Game or App Developer or even Big Data & Cloud development enthusiast, you cand find some usfull subjets there.
Be sure to visit their website for new and good titles.

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